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Otto Zutz nightclub

Established in 1985 this is one of Barcelona’s older nightclubs and as far as the clubs go in the city centre this is definitely one of the best. Located in the upmarket Gracia neighbourhood among sleepy streets and office building resides the most banging hip hop club in the city. Spain is all about EDM, so if you want to mix it up with some of the heaviest RnB and hip hop on offer then this is the club for you! Right next door to the club is a bar called Chupitos which is a shot bar with 200 shots written on the wall so it’s the perfect pre drink before heading into the club!

This club is all about the VIP areas which are raised up and span both sides of the dance floor. Drinks in these areas are among the cheapest in the city with bottle service starting at a measly 200 euros for large bottles of Finlandia Vodka, rum or whiskey. It sounds a lot but if there is a group of you it actually works out much cheaper to buy a bottle than it does to buy a couple of drinks! The huge bottles are brought out with sparklers flaming out of the top of them by club chicas. Shiska bongs are also available to smoke, but again only in the VIP sections. Anything goes in the VIP sections here it is so much fun, head up with your squad and enjoy!

Throughout the summer, mostly on Wednesdays Otto Zutz hosts Live PAs from American artists such as Lil Jon. The atmosphere in the club is always thumping. Anyone who is getting bored of EDM and has a love of hip hop knows how a hip hop crowd reacts when classics by Dre and Snoop come booming over the sound system. If you would like a bit of variety then head up stairs. You will find what’s known as Commercial room. Here you can jump around to some cheesy classics, sing along tunes and bangers that you will have long forgot about but once they are played you still remember every word! In the back room, know as the Hot Room is Spanish music, mostly Raggaton. There are VIP sections in both of these rooms as well so you can pick your favourite music and then settle in with a few drinks where you like.

What sets apart Otto Zutz from the other clubs in Barcelona is the atmosphere. Every night of the week this club is absolutely packed with hip hop heads and party animals who are there to dance til they drop! As this club is in the heart of the Gracia neighbourhood be sure to keep quiet when heading outside for a cigarette or when you leave the club or you will get a strong ‘sshhhhh’ from the security outside. Having said that of all the clubs in the city the security at Otto Zutz are the nicest, most organised and helpful.

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