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When people come clubbing to the Port Olimpic they are looking for an exclusive experience. You don’t want it to be just another night in a dark club listening to tunes that every other club has played. Catwalk absolutely owns that executive and exclusive feel that the clubs at the Port are so renowned for. As soon as you head in the door you know you are walking into a special night. The interior is plush and loud, you feel like you are walking in a Miami nightclub at the height of the cocaine wars!

All the clubs down at the Port Olimpic are EDM. In fact this is true of pretty much all the night clubs in Barcelona! Catwalk stands alone as being the only club down at the port that plays RnB and Hip Hop as it’s preferred sound. They have hosted nights for big hip hop artists in the past featuring Nelly and Jeremih. The atmosphere in hip hop clubs can be far greater than dance music and Catwalk in no exception. With the DJ booth and stage right on the dance floor the crowd at Catwalk is always popping to some of the biggest tunes of the summer as well as some old classics mixed in.

If there is a group of you then make use of the bottle service to secure yourself a spot in the VIP section. Bottles of vodka, rum and whiskey start around 300 euros, divide that between a group of you and it is not much difference than buying a couple of drinks at the bar. The VIP sections in Catwalk are slightly smaller than the other Port Olimpic clubs but that gives it even more of an exclusive feel to them.

The thing that really sets apart this club from the others in the area is the sky terrace. After dancing hard on the packed dance floor whether you want to go for a smoke or get some slightly fresher air then head upstairs. The terrace has the most beautiful view of the Port Olimpic area as well as the famous fish sculpture by Frank Gehry. There is plenty of comfortable seating up here it is the perfect area to relax for a while and meet cool fun party people.

There is a very eclectic mix of people who come to Catwalk. From travellers to holiday makers to students abroad and locals everyone comes together and the result is a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that many clubs do not successfully pull off. The Port Olimpic area a few have said is a bit pretentious and is made up of people wanting to show off either their money or they just want to take photos for Instagram. Catwalk is a club where you go to meet cool, like minded people who are there to dance to summer anthems and socialize with friends both new and old. So head on down there for a fun and unique clubbing experience that you wont forget in a hurry!

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